October is almost coming to an end and we can definitelyfeel the Fall/Winter smell in the air.  This week there will be more rain in the forecast but after this Thursday the sun should start coming out and the temperature will rise to a much more plesant 80s.  This month has also been marked with several large conventions in Anaheim so the hotels around here have been kept quite busy.  However, November is tyically a slow convention month so it’ll be a great time to visit the parks.  Some of the notable news coming up include:

1.  Starting 11/01/2010, City of Anaheim will start assessing an additional 2% Tourism Improvement fee to help expand Anaheim Convention Center as well as improve local transit system. 

2.  Day Light Saving coming up on 11/07, 2 AM, you’ll ‘Fall Back’ an hour, whoo hoo!

3.  Disney’s Halloween season is in full swing, for more information, check out the previous post “It’s Halloween Time”.

4.  Our swimming pool & spa area will be tentatively closed for about 2 weeks due to an upgrade we have planned in November.  The exact date and duration has not been set but we’ll post it as soon as it becomes available. 

Be sure to check back often as we get ready to roll out a very special online promotion on SuperBlog.  We’ll be offering very competitive room rates in November to our blog readers only.  So if you plan to visit us in the next few weeks you do not want to miss this!  Stay tuned!

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