Many of our guests often ask us:  I have heard of Disney's Good Neighbor Hotel, what is it and are you part of the program?

We are in deed part of Disney's Good Neighbor Hotel program.  It is an exclusive list of hotels that promote Disney products such as park admissions as well as meeting specific hotel quality standards.  There are currently about 80 Good Neighbor Hotels out of hundreds of properties in Orange County.  This number changes annually as new hotels are added and existing ones that do not meet the requirements are dropped.  We have been a proud member of Good Neighbor program since 2008. 

One of the best benefit of staying at a Good Neighbor Hotel is that you'll always enjoy the most popular admission promotions.  For example, the current 3 day Park Hopper promotion for 2 day price is only offered to members of Good Neighbor Hotels.  How do you know if the hotel is part of the program?  Well, every Good Neighbor Hotel proudly display the Golden Mickey (or as Disneyland calls it, the 'Mickeyangelo').  And here's me with Mr. Mickey. 

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