How many times have you stayed at a hotel that advertises high speed WiFi but did not deliver its promise?  Personally I have been through a few of them.  I always have to carry my laptop around the property and try to find the 'sweet spot' where the wireless connection is good enough to surf the net.  Even if I'm connected, the speed is too slow because either so many guests are on it or the connection is intermittent at best.  

It's hard for me not to complain because like many travellers nowadays, I need to be online to check on work even if I'm on vacation.  At the same time given my background I understand from a hotel's point of view sometimes it is very challenging to offer wireless service that's both free and fast.  There are many possible reasons to this issue:  property managment did not take in enough time to design the system; poor installation by the vendor; the users have outgrown the system capacity (with all the smart phones and iPads we carry, it is not surprising last year's capacity cannot meet today's demand); or it's simply too costly to upgrade.   The result:  guest gets low quality internet connection that is sometimes available and sometimes not. 

Our management also faces the growing challenge of meeting everyone's WiFi needs while addressing all of the above concerns.  We would like our guests to be able to enjoy WiFi access without having to spend more time trying to find the coverage than actually surfing on line.  Thus we spent months researching everything from the proper internet service provider (ISP) down to every piece of equipment and software we implement. 

It has not been an easy task but  we are confident to guarantee that our guests will have adequate WiFi access through our basic, free-to-guest, Complimentary (1 mbps download, 0.5 mbps upload) network.  In addition, we have created another service to meet the needs of those guests who wants faster connection speed.  For an additional one time fee of $10.00 (not per night simply because we disagree with those places that charge the guests per 24 hours.  The guests always feel they have to try to make the most out of the time paid for.  Well we say you should be able to enjoy the access wherever and whenever you want after the one time fee), our guests may access our Premium network and surf the web at 5 times the speed (8 mbps download, 1 mpbs upload) compared to our Complimentary network.

Personally I don't believe I have ever stayed at any hotel that will guarantee its WiFi access.  However we want our guests to feel comfortable knowing that when it comes to making a reservation at a hotel that provides WiFi access, it really means yes, with us you will be able to actually access it.  It's that simple.

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