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If you’re considering visiting Disneyland between 11/01/2010 and 12/15/2010 well then you might just be in luck.  We’re launching our first Super Blog Special rate only to our new blog readers.  I’ll cut to the chase, for a limited time, you may book your reservation for any arrival date between now and 12/15/2010 at the special $45.00 rate.  We guarantee this is the best offer you’ll find anywhere for our property.  And why are we doing this?  Is there a catch?  Absolutely none.  We are offering this as a new way to reach out to our guest directly through our blog site because we believe and always encourage the guest to book directly.  It is easier for us to take care of your needs through direct communication.  We are also trying to reach out to new guests that have never stayed with us but would like to give us a try so the special rate will serve as an extra incentive.  We are saying ‘come give us a try’ and if you enjoy staying with us, all we ask of you is perhaps leave us a comment online or let us know your experience so we know your expectations have been met.  So here’s how to take advantage of this offer:

Email us at FRONTDESK@SUPER8MOTEL.NET with your arrival and departure date so we may check availability for you.  Once we have confirmed your reservation simply bring a print out of the promotion flier found at the bottom of this post and present it to the front desk member when you check in.  That’s it!   

This offer may not last long and is only available as a first come first serve basis. If you make a reservation and end up deciding you need to cancel, no problem, this is a fully cancellable offer just like any of our reservations.  Let us know at least 48 hours prior to your arrival and there will not be any fees assessed.  Questions?  Go ahead and email us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Super Blog Special Print Out

October is almost coming to an end and we can definitelyfeel the Fall/Winter smell in the air.  This week there will be more rain in the forecast but after this Thursday the sun should start coming out and the temperature will rise to a much more plesant 80s.  This month has also been marked with several large conventions in Anaheim so the hotels around here have been kept quite busy.  However, November is tyically a slow convention month so it’ll be a great time to visit the parks.  Some of the notable news coming up include:

1.  Starting 11/01/2010, City of Anaheim will start assessing an additional 2% Tourism Improvement fee to help expand Anaheim Convention Center as well as improve local transit system. 

2.  Day Light Saving coming up on 11/07, 2 AM, you’ll ‘Fall Back’ an hour, whoo hoo!

3.  Disney’s Halloween season is in full swing, for more information, check out the previous post “It’s Halloween Time”.

4.  Our swimming pool & spa area will be tentatively closed for about 2 weeks due to an upgrade we have planned in November.  The exact date and duration has not been set but we’ll post it as soon as it becomes available. 

Be sure to check back often as we get ready to roll out a very special online promotion on SuperBlog.  We’ll be offering very competitive room rates in November to our blog readers only.  So if you plan to visit us in the next few weeks you do not want to miss this!  Stay tuned!

Starting October 8th, Disney’s California Adventure has a new nighttime feature combining dynamic music, dance, fun food and drinks.  Electronica will promote the upcoming movie “TRON: Legacy” which will hit the movie theater on December 17.  The festivities will take place starting at the Sun Plaza and continue into the Hollywood Pictures Backlot at 6pm.  No special event ticket is required. For additional information please visit the following link:

This past September the City of Anaheim officially passed Anaheim Improvement Tourism District fee (AITD) that will impose an additional 2% hotel fee on top of the regular 15% lodging tax, bringing the total every guest has to pay to 17%.  The official date for this new fee to go into effect is 11/01/2010.  This is by no means good news to everyone who wants to come to Disneyland and it might just make the whole trip planning a little more challenging and a little less affordable.

We often heard our guests saying “when I was here 30 years ago, it only cost $30 to enter the park”.  Well those days have long gone but at the same time Disneyland offers so much more today than it used to 30 years ago.  From a hotel managment’s point of view we understand every year it gets more expensive for our guest to visit.  Thus we make every attempt to bring the best value to each and everyone of our guests.  Like many of you, we also have to learn how to control our operating costs more effectively during this challenging time.  We, too, have to make sure every dollar spent on room condition, guest services and amenities has the greatest positive impact for our guests as everyone continues to weather this economic downturn.  Here are some examples of us trying to find operating savings and in order to continue to offer competitive room rates and great customer services to our guests:

1.  We’ve taken advantage of government green incentives and replaced lightbulbs and toilets to more energy efficient models save on utility costs.

2.  We’ve renegotiated with many of our vendors to bring our expenese in line with current market conditions.  

3.  We’re currently undergoing a new Super 8 Customer Service training aimed to provide better services to our guests. 

The good news about the 2% is that it is soley designed for the use of Anaheim Resort Hotels.  With this additional funding Anaheim will be able to attract more guests from all around the world.  Part of the 2% will also go towards building a better transit system within the city.  To find out more information about the 2% tax, please visit the following link from Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau: