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Travel Tips Part II

Check In Procedure – We are proud to say the typical length of check in time for each of our guests is under 5 minutes.  Here’s how you can help us speed things up (especially if you just want to drop in, check in, drop off bags and dart over to the park).  Please have the following information ready:  your driver’s license, payment method, vehicle plate number and make of the car, number of guests that will be staying in the room with you.  That’s all we need to process the check in.  Even if the room is not ready yet we can process the paperwork and you’re welcome to pick up the keys anytime after 3pm.  You can leave your luggage in our storage room and off you go.

Special Requests – The most common special requests we regularly receive are:  first floor room, extra towels, extra pillows…etc.  Unless your love ones want us to plan a surprise party for you in the room, we can deal with these regular special requests fairly easily if you let us know at check in.  However, there are two situations where special requests can be challenging to meet.  One:  combo requests.  If you would like first floor, away from the elevator, close to pool, smoking room with a parking space right in front.  Well that can be challenging because there simply isn’t a room like this.  So be kind, keep your request reasonable and we understand most people prefer first floor but very often they forget the potential kids upstairs jumping up and down on the beds.  Second:  If you book through an online travel agency such as Expedia/…etc.  9 out of 10 times the requests you entered when you made the reservations get lost or missed along the reservation.  This is very common so if you choose to book your reservation through this channel, please be sure to double check with us before you arrive.

Pool Policy – kids aren’t allowed by themselves simply because of safety issues.  We ask there to be an adult physically present at the pool area with their young ones.

Large/Oversize Vehicles – Due to our limited parking spaces, we ask those of you who plan to arrive in oversize vehicle such as a trailer to inform us before your arrival date so we can make the appropriate accommodation.

Finally, relax and enjoy your vacation!  You’re already here after long hours in the car or on the plane so plan to unwind and relax your mind!


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